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HydroPeptide® takes the most advanced, scientifically proven skin care elements and simplifies your beauty routine, giving you everything you need to have   beautiful, healthy, ageless skin.  Optimize the precious minutes you spend in the day caring for your skin  – HydroPeptide® fights the signs of aging and addresses a range of skin care concerns in the fewest number of steps possible.  HydroPeptide® has been honored with more than ten beauty awards including Prevention magazine’s Defy-Your-Age-Beauty-Award for “Best Day Cream with SPF.”  The HydroPeptide® Collection currently includes an industry leading 21 different peptides that are the building blocks for collagen repair, resulting in skin that looks better and acts younger.  From the most recent breakthroughs to time-tested skin care remedies; HydroPeptide® is formulated for all skin types, is cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.​​

Skin Script is a clinical skincare line created naturally and addresses all skin ethnicities, types, and conditions. These natural products are paraben free, and rich in anti-aging, fruit-based antioxidants to gentle clean, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. They have been developed to be chirally correct, which means the molecules in the active ingredients have been formulated so that they work with the molecules in your skin, not against them. Skin Script products were carefully chosen for facial treatments at Essence of Beauty Skincare because of their superior quality and versatility.

Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare
Oncology Friendly skincare products available in my spa!
I've been adding more and more to the products I carry from Osmosis!  I really love their products and am excited to work with them more!  

I currently retail:
Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare,
Osmosis Colour mineral makeup and cosmetics,
Elevate ATP & DNA Repair, Restore, and
Harmonized H20 - frequency enhanced water for health.

The following Osmosis products are oncology friendly and are available for purchase at my spa: Purify, Cleanse, Quench, Quench Plus+, Shade, Protect, Apple Mask, Repair Healing Mask, Tropical Mango Mas, Calming Powder Blend, Willow Herb Powder Active, Refresh, Refresh PM, Age Defying Treatment Concealer, Pressed Base, Bronzer, Blush, Eye Pencil, Brow Gel, Eye Shadow Trio, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Pencil, Mineral Hydration Mist.

The recommendation and use of these products should be done by trained professionals in Oncology Skincare to ensure safe and effective use.  Some products may not be recommended for certain types of cancer or during certain stages.  

I have been trained in Oncology Skincare and would be happy to discuss further options with you if you are interested!

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