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Through my 60 years of life experience, 40 of those practicing skincare, I realized the following when it comes to choosing a facial treatment:


  • You do not want more stress deciding what treatment you may need 

  • You want a treatment that addresses specifically your skin concerns

  • You want treatments and products that deliver results


For these reasons, I simplify my menu. You only choose a facial from the shortlist below and the amount of time. I will work my magic creating a customized protocol to improve the condition of your skin.



Essential Custom Facial

Harnessing only professional-grade products, modern non-invasive skincare modalities, and highly customized face massages, the Essential Custom Facial will deliver the nutrients your skin needs to restore and protect itself. 

Focusing on your skin's condition, I will customize a protocol incorporating the healing power of touch through a relaxing neck, shoulders, and arm massage to relieve tension due to stress.


50 minutes - $139        Package of 3 - $375

80 minutes - $180        Package of 3 - $485

110 minutes - $220        Package of 3 - $595


Modalities included: Tama Microcurrent; Rezenerate Nano-technology; Celluma LED Light Therapy; Radiancy FSD Micro-Photo-Therapy; Infusion, the Osmosis Non-acid Peel; Age Defying Enzymes; Therapeutic, Contouring or Lymphatic Facial Massage; Hydro-Jelly Masks; Ultrasonic Spatula; Dermafiles; High Frequency; My Skin Buddy. Click here for more info.



Epidermal Leveling Facial

Epidermal Leveling (aka Dermaplaning) is a simple, safe, and effective procedure for exfoliating the epidermis. As a bonus, it rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) by shaving the skin with a sterile blade. Using a scalpel, I will gently exfoliate the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes. It is most often used on clients with rough, dry skin, and/or superficial hyperpigmentation to enhance overall skin tone, with little to no adverse effects. It is a safe treatment for patients who are pregnant or nursing and want a deep exfoliation. Epidermal Leveling may be recommended to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of serums or treatments, as it allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers. Results after the first treatment include: smoother, glowing skin. Follow-up maintenance may be recommended, especially for hyperpigmentation. 

60 minutes $160


Acne Program

This facial was created to address acneic skin in an appointment that focuses solely on strengthening and clearing skin. During the initial visit, a thorough skin analysis and lifestyle consultation will be completed to determine the best correctional path. Consultation is followed by a deep-cleansing facial (with extractions if necessary). Please understand that clearing your acne is a partnership, therefore it is critical that you use ONLY your recommended home maintenance products.


  •  includes starter product maintenance kit (cleanser, repair serum, acne control serum, and rejuvenator).

  •  strict use of program home care is NOT optional.

  •  acne program clients are eligible to purchase additional treatment products at a 10% discount, as long as they stay in the program.


Subsequent acne treatments are highly recommended at least once per month (within four weeks) and are necessary to achieve clearer healthier skin. Clients who are unable to adhere to a minimum of monthly treatments will default to a $139 treatment fee and will see far slower progress.

1st Treatment - Includes starter kit - 60 minutes - $155

Maintenance (within 4 weeks) - 40 minutes - $90



Tender Loving Care - (Oncology Facial)

Designed for clients undergoing cancer therapies to help relieve the discomfort of treatment side effects and skin reactions, improve your sensitized skin condition, and restore a sense of well-being.

50 minutes $95

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