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Meet Casandra

Committed to education, inspired by new discoveries, and driven by professional passion, Essence of Beauty’s Casandra Ocampo represents forty years of wisdom in a challenging field. Finding a spa or salon that will provide any service on a menu you point to is easy, but it’s an entirely different discovery to find a trusted expert whose years of professional study enable them to transform skin. No newcomer to esthetics, Casandra’s roots in makeup, customer service, and skincare reach back to her teen years.

“I recognized early on, the deep value in caring for the only skin we have. 

The sooner you begin, the longer you can keep your skin looking and acting youthful.”

Jumping thousands of clients and many years ahead, anti-aging skin treatments are the star of the show on Essence of Beauty’s menu. A believer that significant results may be achieved holistically, without damaging, invasive procedures, Casandra’s loyal clientele has come to benefit from that belief.

“With more and more skincare lines incorporating or switching to organic ingredients entirely, harnessing advanced, yet non-invasive technology is what will continue to drive Essence of Beauty forward.”


It’s Casandra’s commitment to her craft that has helped deepen her client relationships and bring them back faithfully, whether it’s to maintain gorgeous brows, stay on top of their skin health with an advanced microcurrent treatment or replenish skincare expertly recommended by Casandra. At Essence of Beauty, there is room for everyone. Close to Casandra’s heart is the comfort she is able to provide for oncology patients whose skin will be, is or has been chemically compromised.


“Compassion is without question a component of great professional skincare. Becoming a certified oncology esthetician has enabled me to provide safe, knowledgeable, expert care to clients working through difficult health challenges. My hope is to bring them some small measure of beauty and comfort.”


When she’s not transforming skin in her treatment room, this early riser, lover of Mexican food and dark chocolate, can be found studying industry trends, researching new skincare modalities, or relaxing at home with family watching movies or turkish dramas.

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