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Do I have to book online?


You may also call, text, or email me. However, it may be several hours until I can get back to you, as I do not check my phone while I am working on clients or when I am away from the studio. I am a solo practitioner, BOOKING ONLINE is the fastest and easiest way to secure an appointment. I strongly suggest that you register your online booking account by creating a username and password so you can book, reschedule, and modify your appointments with ease.


How early should I arrive for my appointment?

You should arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. To respect everyone’s time and busy schedules, including clients with appointments scheduled after yours, late arrivals can either use the remaining appointment time to enjoy an abbreviated treatment or reschedule for another day. This is treated as a Cancellation, however, and a charge is applied. Please avoid stress in your life and allow ample time to arrive!


How old do I have to be to receive services?

Guests must be 12 years of age or older to receive treatments. Guests 12-17 years of age must

have a parent or guardian during the treatment. 


Can I get a facial or treatment if I’m pregnant?

When scheduling your appointment, please let me know you are expecting a baby. This will guarantee your placement with the proper treatments to best suit your needs.

Health Issues
Please inform your esthetician of any health issues that you have so that your treatment is specialized for your particular needs.



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