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Oncology Certified

Tender Loving Care (Oncology Facial)

TIME: 60 minutes

PRICE: $ 95

RECOMMENDED:  for clients undergoing cancer therapies                          



Certified oncology skin therapy is an advanced field of study that focuses on not only the modification of skincare modalities and product but the pathophysiology of cancer.


Cancer treatments can lead to numerous skin-related side effects including dryness, chapped skin, rashes and loss of elasticity. As an esthetician certified in oncology skincare, I can help relieve the discomfort of treatment side effects and skin reactions, improve your sensitized skin condition and restore a sense of well-being.

Spa services have been shown to increase production of endorphins, which in turn reduce stress levels and aid in pain management. Products used are soothing, hydrating, natural and botanical. Treatment is provided with lots of TLC.




1. To avoid entry of further compromising bacteria and viruses through tiny cracks, keep skin constantly hydrated and protected.


2. Lifetime lifestyle changes may be necessary, including skincare. We can recommend safe, protective, strengthening products to nourish your sensitive skin.


3. Physical, not chemical sun protection is critical to gently protect your skin from further sensitization.


4. Stress shows up on your skin sooner than later. Regular, de-stressing human touch therapies go a long way in soothing nausea, working out upper body tension and calming anxiety.


5. Drinking lots of water is common advice, but ensuring all organs are properly hydrated increases the chances of your skin benefitting from the overflow.

"It is always my honor and privilege to walk through life’s journeys with my clients, helping them find comfort, peace, rest, beauty, and wellness along the way.  As a Certified Oncology Skincare Therapist I’m trained to modify skin care therapies in order to safely work with the effects of cancer and cancer treatments as well as modifying product selections for personal/home skincare that adapt for the same needs as well.  


My hope is to be of some small help during this part of your journey, bringing you comfort, beauty and the reminder that you are not alone!"

With love, 


Oncology Friendly Products

Be confident in knowing that we are using the best products for sensitive and compromised skin. We provide a different kind of "treatment" by enhancing beauty in the safest way with Osmosis products that are Oncology Friendly™.

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